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    Join a corp request


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    Join a corp request

    Post  IXBreezEXI on Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:48 am

    Hey i have a friend who wants to join a pirat corp, my corp wont accept him cause of skillpoints but has potental. Let me know if anyone wants to recruit him please. his player name is RedStripe11. he has 1,066,361 skill points.
    Morbius Bloodstar

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    Re: Join a corp request

    Post  Morbius Bloodstar on Wed Feb 04, 2009 4:09 am

    with 1mill sp's he aint going to be piloting an awful lot, BV has a 15 mill SP requirement simply because we don't want to be holding anybodies hand so to speak, we will offer advice and help where needed but to a brand new char, you would need to be holding their hand all the way.

    Harsh i know, but it's how we roll.

    Fly safe o7

    Talpa Iute

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    Re: Join a corp request

    Post  Talpa Iute on Wed Feb 04, 2009 9:01 am

    Don't you get like 800k SP when you create a char?
    I think my not training alts have more than a mil elephant

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    Re: Join a corp request

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